My head is spinning!

Not literally, so let’s not call in Father Merrin, but it’s been a crazy month. When you publish a book, you need to promote, and I’ve worked at it pretty much every day.

I’ve had some wonderful help from friends and mentors.  I’m including links to various articles and interviews, many of which they’ve made possible.

I know this is a marathon, not a sprint, so every day I do a little bit more to share the news about my novel. Today I received an email that made me smile.

I finished your book on Friday and absolutely loved it.  I had to put it down a couple of times at the end of the book because my heart was racing and my blood pressure was for sure rising…lol

 I had an appointment for a flu shot and blood work on Friday so I had to put the book down to get my breathing under control in case they were going to take my blood pressure!  Luckily they didn’t need to and this book got me thru several appointment waiting times that day!

 I can’t wait for your next book!

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