A dream come true!

Posing with my mentor and fellow author, Christine DeSmet

Posing with my mentor and fellow author, Christine DeSmet

On the weekend of Nov. 7-8, I joined thirty-two other authors for Mystery To Me’s Author Slam in Madison Wisconsin.

What a thrill–and yet terrifying.

Me. An author. Speaking to readers and other authors. I had fifteen minutes to share whatever I wanted. My “fifteen minutes of fame.”

I pondered the best way to use my time–fill it by reading excerpts from the book? Talk about how Tourist Trapped came to be? Determined to use my fifteen minutes wisely, I stopped in to hear some of the other authors Friday night, and took notes.

In addition to “new author jitters,” I needed to make my mentor, Christine DeSmet, proud…especially since Mystery To Me bookstore gave her the slot right after me! Talk about pressure!

With Jayne, my grade school classmate.

With Jayne, my grade school classmate

On Saturday, as I mentally prepared while waiting for my turn, old friends and current associates showed up to cheer me on. Then, as I began, I spotted Jayne sitting down–a classmate I haven’t seen since grade school!

My journey with the release of Tourist Trapped continues to surprise me, as it offers me these magical opportunities to reconnect with old friends, and as well as giving me the chance make so many new ones!


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