Other Works


  • First place nonfiction winner of Writers’ Institute 2014 “Poem or Page Contest”
  • First place winner of Eat Sleep Write Flash Fiction Contest (Read “Doppelgangers, Ltd.” here)

Other Works

“The Time I Misplaced My Mother,” in Fiction Writers Group Mother’s Day Anthology
“The Blackbird Sings of Spring”
“Our Paradise Lost”
“Cancer: The Fickle Fiend”



  1. Dianna slowey-thomas

    Do you have a newsletter? I went through all your sites (impressive) but could not find anything where you let your readers know what’s going on. I probably missed it but it wasn’t from lack of looking! Thanks, Dianna

    • Dianna, thank you for asking! Yes, I’ll be sending out quarterly newsletters. You can sign up for emails on the “About K. J. Klemme” page, but I can also record your email address from your post. You’ll be hearing from me soon!

  2. I would get newsletter from you. I would like to get next book.

  3. Hello. Just writing to thank you so much for the book “Four Feet Down”. I really enjoyed the book. I really looked forward to reading it every night. It had me enthralled. I really enjoyed that these were true short stories and many from childhood which was really unique and took me back to my own childhood. I was the guy at the Best Western a couple months ago in Minoqua there for a funeral of my high school friend Jud Sircy. That was really generous of you and I’ll always keep it and thanks for signing it too! Sincerely, Troy Brandon

    • Troy, thanks for letting me know what you thought of the book. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I loved writing those stories–reliving times that I took for granted in my youth, and cherish as an adult. Although you were in town for such a sad event, I’m glad we had the opportunity to meet. When I checked in, I had no idea I would meet so many interesting, delightful people in a single evening. What a memorable night!

  4. would like to get on your email list because I definitely want to read the second book of the Tourist Trapped Trilogy..

    • Thank you, Richard. I’ll make sure to add you to the list. I had hoped to finish the second book by Memorial Day, but it looks like it will probably be Labor Day. More to come soon!

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