I’m going home!

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Next weekend I’ll travel home, to Stratford, Wis., for a “meet the author” event. I hope to reach town in time to watch the Tigers play–I haven’t been to a football game since I graduated.

Although I’m not thrilled to face autumn already, I look forward to the trek northward and its intensifying colors as trees offer up final bursts of beauty before shedding their leaves. Hours of open road amid one of Mother Nature’s most festive moments will give me a wonderful chance to clear the mind of clutter and allow the creative side to take over. Always a treat for writer!

I look forward to reconnecting with old friends, and I hope to meet new ones. In the midst of life–rushing around to achieve daily goals and juggling a myriad of work issues and requests–I relish the opportunity to pause for a moment to return to my roots. Whenever I go home, I’m reminded of what’s important in life.

So, Stratford, here I come. And I can’t wait.


Friends and Family Celebrate Debut of TOURIST TRAPPED

Honored to sign my novel!

Honored to sign my novel!

What happens when you combine family, friends and a little wine? A smashing book release party for Tourist Trapped.

About 40 people gathered at The Ruby Tap in Wauwatosa, Wis., on Thursday, Sept. 25, to celebrate. I’m thrilled that the feedback has been so positive. One party-goer, Mike, said his wife had finished the novel and wanted to know when the sequel would be out! (It’s planned for next summer.)

A few wine aficionados attended the event and they shared their advice with others contemplating the choices at the venue’s self-serve “wall of wine.” I spent the night signing books and sharing stories.

A big “thank you” to everyone who attended! Such a fun night!

Steve and his copy!

Steve and his copy!


Linda and Karlene




Philip and me


Bev and Stuart


My brother Fred and me

Rajesh and Greg

Rajesh and Greg


My mom!

Signing a book for David

Signing a book for David

Toni and a book photobomb!

My talented graphic artist, Toni, and a photobomb of the cover she created!

Dan and Jim

Dan and Jim


Roger, David and Paul


Dad, my brother Fred, my niece Bella, Mom

Peter, Judi and Stuart

Peter, Judi and Stuart


Philip, Rajesh, Steve, Pat, Judi, Mike


Mike, Sumeet, Philip, me, Steve J., Steve S., Rajesh


Karlene, Ray and Jim

Susan and Sumeet on left, Philip and Amy on right.

Susan and Sumeet on left, Philip and Amy on right


Amy, Susan, Philip and Jim


Rajesh, Billy, Josh and Justin





New Essay: Two Months

cemetery“I watch you each day at your desk as you focus on the mundane activities that distract you from the pain and keep you sane. I smile and ask how you are, knowing you’ll lie and say you’re fine.”

Full essay “Two Months.”

Please join me for my Book Release Party!

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