I’m going home!

Meet the author adobe document

Next weekend I’ll travel home, to Stratford, Wis., for a “meet the author” event. I hope to reach town in time to watch the Tigers play–I haven’t been to a football game since I graduated.

Although I’m not thrilled to face autumn already, I look forward to the trek northward and its intensifying colors as trees offer up final bursts of beauty before shedding their leaves. Hours of open road amid one of Mother Nature’s most festive moments will give me a wonderful chance to clear the mind of clutter and allow the creative side to take over. Always a treat for writer!

I look forward to reconnecting with old friends, and I hope to meet new ones. In the midst of life–rushing around to achieve daily goals and juggling a myriad of work issues and requests–I relish the opportunity to pause for a moment to return to my roots. Whenever I go home, I’m reminded of what’s important in life.

So, Stratford, here I come. And I can’t wait.


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