Spring is in the air…except for Amanda and Chad

I’m alive. Really. I apologize for the long silence, but “the other part” of my life has pulled at me like a 3-year-old in the midst of a tantrum. It demands all of my attention and tries to smother every ounce of creativity. But as the earth warms and brown gives way to …

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My Gift to You

I want to thank all of you for your positive feedback on Tourist Trapped, you’ve been so kind. I hope when Book Two comes out next summer, it’ll live up to your expectations! Over the holidays I wanted to finish a project dear to my heart, but I ran out of …

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A dream come true!

On the weekend of Nov. 7-8, I joined thirty-two other authors for Mystery To Me’s Author Slam in Madison Wisconsin. What a thrill–and yet terrifying. Me. An author. Speaking to readers and other authors. I had fifteen minutes to share whatever I wanted. My “fifteen minutes of fame.” I pondered …

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My head is spinning!

Not literally, so let’s not call in Father Merrin, but it’s been a crazy month. When you publish a book, you need to promote, and I’ve worked at it pretty much every day. I’ve had some wonderful help from friends and mentors.  I’m including links to various articles and interviews, many …

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I’m going home!

Next weekend I’ll travel home, to Stratford, Wis., for a “meet the author” event. I hope to reach town in time to watch the Tigers play–I haven’t been to a football game since I graduated. Although I’m not thrilled to face autumn already, I look forward to the trek northward and …

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Friends and Family Celebrate Debut of TOURIST TRAPPED

What happens when you combine family, friends and a little wine? A smashing book release party for Tourist Trapped. About 40 people gathered at The Ruby Tap in Wauwatosa, Wis., on Thursday, Sept. 25, to celebrate. I’m thrilled that the feedback has been so positive. One party-goer, Mike, said his …

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New Essay: Two Months

“I watch you each day at your desk as you focus on the mundane activities that distract you from the pain and keep you sane. I smile and ask how you are, knowing you’ll lie and say you’re fine.” Full essay “Two Months.”

Please join me for my Book Release Party!

TOURIST TRAPPED is available!

What a whirlwind–but nothing is more exciting than holding your book in your hands. Even if so far it’s just been the proof! When I have a chance to catch my breath, I’d love to share with you a few snippets of life as an “almost author,” which I lived …

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I’m on pre-order!

Well…not me, but my book is! The Kindle edition of TOURIST TRAPPED can be pre-ordered this very moment on Amazon.